We believe in the transformative power of art.
And we believe in starting where you are, that you're enough, just as you are.  

Public art projects are so much more authentic and vibrant when members of the community are involved. When people of all ages and backgrounds show up to share something as simple as a doodle, they're helping to create something no one person could create alone. They're helping to create a community portrait that 

In terms of BENEFITS there's a lot of research that describes the impact that color and art have on our quality of life. After all, color is light and light is energy. We can't live without it. Color nourishes us. It influences our mood and sense of well being. It helps us get out of our minds and into our hearts. And like art, color gives us a way to express ourselves.

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The social value of art is how it changes the way we see.
— Carol Bradbury