Throw a Bloomerang. You'll love what comes back.

Click on the photo above to view our slide show or read about some of our projects below:

Bloomerang@Don Bosco

Senior women from The Don Bosco Center in Kansas City welcomed women and children from a nearby Shelter into Bloomerang workshops to build stronger community.

The resulting banners build public awareness of an important community resource, a Senior Day Center, and are lasting reminders of a deeper community connection.


When Heartland Visioning invited residents in Topeka, Kansas to re-imagine their community, they dreamed of an arts district where they could meet-up, shop and celebrate their creativity.

Nearly 300 people from the ages of 1 to 93 participated in Bloomerang workshops, generating art for a gallery of outdoor banners that now line the streets of NOTO.

Previously deserted and unsafe, the emerging arts district revealed its new soul and received coverage in the New York Times and on a Microsoft “Bing It On” commercial.  

Bloomerang@Camp Wood YMCA

Camp Wood YMCA wanted to give city kids a chance to discover the world's last Tall Grass Prairie, which happened to be in their own backyard.

They also wanted the campers to bring their experience into a new dining hall to help communicate the camp's core mission.

Bloomerang did that and more, designing brand integrated interior graphics and fundraising note cards to help spread the word.