Bloomerang's grassroots began to take shape when Topeka's Heartland Visioning process invited the city to re-imagine itself. They dreamed of an arts district, a creative destination to improve their quality of life. Today, with the help and persistence of great leadership and persistent volunteers, a once deserted and unsafe area is being transformed into a vibrant arts district.

Asked to bring color onto the streets of NOTO (NOrth TOpeka Arts District), artist Carol Bradbury saw an opportunity to shift a community's poor self-image by using art to engage the community and change perceptions. She held workshops around the city and invited the public to add their 'marks' to the effort. Twenty-six unique I Go NOTO art banners lined the streets in the early years, symbols of a community's commitment to change. WATCH OUR VIDEO >>  


Far and wide, people took notice of the energy of the arts district movement and the community's new soul, so much so that the "I Go NOTO" banners were featured in the New York Times. >>

After the success of the NOTO banners, Bradbury founded Bloomerang Studios. She recognized how the importance of community engagement in solving community challenges. 2012 was a pivotal year in developing the powerful concept of a collaborative art experience in which participants experience their ability to transform their environment and see one another, not through the lens of race or belief but through color, imagination and diversity. Give us a call and learn how Bloomerang can impact your community. >>


Bloomerang gained momentum when Microsoft’s “Bing It On” commercial was filmed in the North Topeka Arts District. It highlighted the renewed spirit of the community by showing the arts district and its colorful, unifying Bloomerang banners, created by locals at Bloomerang events. Further south in the Kansas Flint Hills, Bloomerang put the final touches on Camp Wood YMCA's new dining hall with interior graphics, inspired by the campers' discovery of the world's last Tallgrass Prairie. Show me what Bloomerang looks like. >>


Today, Bloomerang is working with many exciting partners to accomplish new ways of connecting and strengthening communities. Come by and see the 26' glass art wall at Brewster Place and discover how color and mark-making can change the way we see our world.  We invite you to join us in choosing community. >> 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead