DANA NUNNELLY IS A NORTHWEST NATIVE STEEPED IN A MODERN PIONEERING SPIRIT. With her passion for ideation and pushing boundaries, she has contributed to the success of entrepreneurs large and small – including REI.com, HomeGrocer.com and Microsoft. Her passion for exploring and working with diverse cultures has led her to work Internationally in marketing and branding as well as locally training underserved high school students in the greater Seattle area, in corporate professionalism, business, marketing and branding.

Nunnelly sees public art as the glue that defines and holds the culture of a community together and is actively involved in the arts in her hometown of Kirkland, Washington. She was elected by the Kirkland City Council to a position on the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission and is working with the City on the Art Integration Plan for the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan. She is involved in various community art projects including the Kirkland Fish Frolic, the Kirkland Summerfest Art Committee and created the Summerfest Drawing Jam.

Nunnelly is a figurative artist, teaches painting classes and runs the Life Figure Drawing sessions for the Kirkland Arts Center. She studied fine arts at the University of Puget Sound, with an emphasis on drawing and printmaking; and studied painting at Gage Academy and the School of Visual Concepts.


We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.”
— Brené Brown, Rising Strong