CAROL BRADBURY HAS A VISION TO BUILD AWARENESS OF A COMMUNITY'S DIVERSITY while helping to shape its creative identity. Her approach to community engagement stems from a deep desire to transfer her artistic vision beyond the canvas to the living, breathing composition of diverse communities. Her creative practice focuses on neighborhoods and communities, engaging unique and disenfranchised voices and revealing a collective response that's rooted in authenticity.

Her unique approach is the result of studying and working in Denmark, Switzerland and on both Coasts of the United States. She has degrees in Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute, in PAINTING from Kansas University and, notably, Bradbury embarked on a five-year Jungian psychoanalysis in Zurich as part of her studies. She's also a brand strategist with years of experience working with national and international clients and loves mashing up the creative disciplines. 

Key to Bradbury's success is her commitment to engage diverse voices on community projects. 
In 2011, due to her involvement in creating an arts district in a struggling part of Topeka, Kansas, she was confronted with the problem of how to raise community pride and ownership. Her response was to engage the community in the answer. She's created a model that catapults public art into the hands of the people.

Bloomerang artworks emerge as a big-picture portrayal of the mutual success of both individual and community, REMINDERS THAT WE'RE ALL PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAN OURSELVES.  WATCH OUR VIDEO >> 

“My vision is to connect communities through collaborative art experiences. My projects are bigger than me; they are true reflections of community. Neighborhoods and organizations are inviting me to the table regularly now as they recognize that community engagement and the art that comes out of it, are unique and powerful expressions of who we are ." 

Embracing our rich diversity not only moves us into global awareness, it expands our potential as human beings.
— Carol Bradbury